Network Security

The topic of Network Security covers a variety of technologies that enable the creation of secure systems.

CIUU deals specifically with issues related to the interaction between the INTERNET and the INTERNET systems.

CIUU examines the two-way security that must be achieved when interacting with the Internet.

To this end, CIUU is a partner of Palo Alto Networks, a leader in the development of hardware and software technologies for organizing the interaction between the INTERNET and the INTERNET networks.

CIUU is an authorized Palo Alto Networks training center for student and specialist training.

An essential element of network security is the organization of access to WEB applications. Is it possible to organize this access without changing the WEB applications themselves? Authentication issues are also always up-to-date.

Our partnership with INTEPRO Solutions allows the topic of access to WEB applications to be explored in detail.

CIUU offers training courses that address the theoretical and practical aspects of implementing web access systems.

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